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Music for Sunday Date, Vol. 8

Hello, my friends! Here’s Karel and "Music for Sunday Date" is one the air.

This week we will tour through the countries that I thought were rarely presented in the last shows. First of all, I have no clue about German band Heinz Kuhnert-Quintett. If you have any information – please, contact me.

Gitte HænningGitte Haenning is a Danish singer and film actress. She started to sing professionally in 1955 with her father Otto Haenning, another famous Danish singer. In 1957 she recorded her first solo record "Ejner, Du Er Min Allerbedste Ven", which became a huge hit. Gitte sang in many languages, but here's a song in her native Danish language called "Ta' Med Ud Å Fisk'" (cover version of "We're Gonna Go Fishing"), from 1963. The song isn't actually about fishing – there are more things to do on Saturday night.

Lasse Liemola, Finnish singer and guitarist Lasse Liemola formed his first band Rambling Cowboys (other members were Paavo Rave and Raimo Roimu) in 1956. During 1957–1963 they played and recorded country, rock'n'roll and twist songs. Here's more pop song called "Kristiina Ja Minä" from 1963, with orchestra backing.

The Stylistes is a Greek big beat band. I know very little about them. So, if you have any info – you know what to do ;-)

Colette DeréalColette Deréal (real name Colette de Glarélial) was born in a small town of Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole in France. As she grew up, her godmother found that Colette had a lovely soprano voice. At the age of seventeen she went to Paris and enrolled at the René Simon School of Acting. She appeared in many French films and devoted herself to the theatre. In 1959 she appeared in TV serial where she sang "Ne Joue Pas"… And became famous overnight. Here's another lovely song from 1961. With this song she presented Monaco in Eurovision contest.

Gastone Parigi was a great trumpet player and singer. He started to record in the 1950s with his own band. Later he was a member of Ennio Morricone orchestra. Here's a sample of his trumpet playing from the motion picture "I Maniaci" from 1964.

Conjunto Académico Ruy ManuelThere were many big beat bands in Portugal. One of them is Ruy Manuel. They recorded some songs as well as instrumental numbers in the 1960s.

Here's an instrumental number called "Fuga". As you can see on the sleeve, all the tracks are subtitled as "Shake". Well, shake-shake.

Miguel Ríos was a very successfull Spanish pop singer. His first EP was released in 1962. This song "Pera Madura" is from that EP.

Lili Ivanova is one of the most famous Bulgarian singers. I digitalized "Louie" from Russian 1960s vinyl compilation. There are no in-depth liner notes, but I guess it was Ivan Peev ensemble who has accompanied her on this song.

Czerwono-Czarni is Polish band. We have talked about them a few weeks earlier. Here's a great garage/beat number translated as "We Don't Like Advertisement". I guess this track was recorded for radio.

Golubye Gitary (The Blue Guitars)
The Scythians was Moscow big beat band. They were formed in 1967 from the students of Moscow State University. In 1968 they played on the Moscow Music Festival and won the first prize. This tended them to appear in the motion picture "Yeshchyo raz pro lyubov", where they played a great number.

Les CaravellesHere's an example of the late Scythians fame – the band called Golubye Gitary (where two members of the Scythians played). The song is called "Barynya". It is originally Russian folk tune, but the Scythians wrote their own lyrics. The song is about foreign tourists in Russia, driving on a bus around Moscow City. You can see Golubye Gitary playing this song on the photo above.

The last (but not least) is Belgian big beat band called Les Caravelles. The instrumental tune "Caravelle" is from their single released in 1964.

The complete track list:

Heinz Kuhnert-Quintett La Conga (Germany)
Gitte Hænning Ta' med ud Å fisk' (We're Gonna Go Fishin') (Denmark)
The Stylistes Όταν Περνούν Τα Πούλια (Greece)
Lasse Liemola Kristiina ja minä (Finland)
Colette Deréal Allons, allons les enfants (Monaco)
Gastone Parigi La mia mania (Italy)
Conjunto Académico Ruy Manuel Fuga (Portugal)
Miguel Ríos Pera madura (Spain)
Lili Ivanova Louie (Se fossi un uomo) (Bulgaria)
Czerwono-Czarni My reklamy nie lubimy (Poland)
L'ensemble Golubye Gitary Barynya (USSR)
Les Caravelles Caravelle (Belgium)

That's all for now. Have nice weekend!

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